We are a Christian start-up based in Louisiana, USA. Our ultimate goal is introducing Christian religion to every household in America and possibly in the world. We believe everyone deserves the chance to get to know God from the earliest days.
The bible 3d toy app.
The bible 3d toy app
The Bible 3D Toy App introduces the Bible to children in a form that is easy to understand, visually appealing and attractive. Through our partnership with Shapeways, Inc. we offer a reward-based system that allows to 3D-print a statuette of Biblical character upon completion of an episode. We support education and strive for growing in Christ.
Scott Boudreaux the brain and heart of our startup, successful IT freelancer, technician, student at Hope International University.
Stefos A graphics 3D artist website designer extrodinaire!
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The bible 3d toy app